Wealth Accumulators

You are establishing and building a career, starting a family, and beginning to accumulate assets which will form the bedrock of your financial position. Types of Financial Planning advice you may require include:

  • Establishing a budget to achieve your goals such as purchasing a home or paying for a wedding
  • Ensuring you have a sufficient safety net in place should you be unable to work due to injury or illness
  • Advice on how to provide for your family in the event you die?
  • Advice on debt management and cash flow
  • Advice on how to meet ongoing lifestyle items such as family holidays, car purchases, and private school education
  • Putting in place the right superannuation plan and strategies to maximise entitlements including discussions around the appropriateness of self-managed superannuation funds
  • Personalising a strategy that enables you to meet your wealth accumulation goals via superannuation, direct shares, direct property or a combination of the three
  • Walking you through things that you need to consider when starting a business (eg. Business Strategy, Insurances, Employee Super)
  • Discussing how you wish for your assets to be distributed via your Will and the requirements for a Power of Attorney

Services we provide to assist you with the above:

  • Insurance
  • Superannuation
  • Investments
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds